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Reuseable Cowhide Acrylic Bleaching Stencil

Reuseable Cowhide Acrylic Bleaching Stencil

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Bleaching made Easy!! Use these acrylic stencils to create fun designs on your shirts! Please be familiar with the t-shirt bleaching process.

Our acrylic stencils reduce bleach bleeding and overspray and provide you with a more desirable design.

When your stencil arrives please check your stencil for damage PRIOR to removing masking. If your stencil is damaged you must contact me with photos of the damaged stencil and packaging in order to receive a replacement. If you remove the masking then any damage is not covered.

Remove paper masking from Stencil Prior to use. Masking may be easily removed by gently peeling a corner. If Masking doesn't come off easy, please soak in water for about 5 mins then peel again.

Sleeve Template size is 8.5 x 8.5 inches. This Template will cover up to 3x shirt and smaller.

***Wash With Water Only***

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