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PO SHIPS 11/15 Rhinestone Transfer | Believe Clear Stone
PO SHIPS 11/15 Rhinestone Transfer | Believe Clear Stone
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, PO SHIPS 11/15 Rhinestone Transfer | Believe Clear Stone
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, PO SHIPS 11/15 Rhinestone Transfer | Believe Clear Stone

RTS Rhinestone Transfer | Believe Clear Stone

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*ABOUT RTS Rhinestone Transfers**
Rhinestone transfers can be used on most shirts including 100% polyester, 100% cotton or most poly/cotton, tri-blend tees.


Temperature: 325-350 Degrees Fahrenheit (depending on your location and your press)
Pressure: -Medium-Heavy

1) Preheat your shirt for 7-10 seconds

2) Remove white backing from transfer. Place your transfer face up on fabric.

3) Press transfer on shirt for 20 seconds on medium to heavy pressure. No teflon or heat cover is needed.

4) FIRMLY rub the transfer with a dry cloth and let set for 15-20 seconds. Starting from the top corner, GENTLY remove transfer sheet. This step is essential to ensure all rhinestones are set properly.

5) Turn shirt over and press for another 5 seconds on the back side. Gently slide your hand inside of your shirt to separate the front and back of the shirt with your hand.

Rhinestones can shift on transfers during transit! You may need to adjust a few rhinestones with tweezers. Please inspect your transfer before pressing. This is not a common issue, but it is possible. Refunds will not be given for "damage" to print. It's a fixable issue.

Due to all presses being different, you will need to test a screen to figure out what works best for your specific press.

*Washing Instructions*
- Wait 48-72 hours before washing.
- Wash inside out and avoiding fabric softeners will extend the life of the transfer.
- Avoid direct heat to transfer

- You are responsible for using the correct equipment and following the detailed instructions I provide with each order.
- Any user error is your responsibility. I will not refund or reship transfers because of user error.
- You will receive a detailed instruction sheet for application with lots of tips and tricks.

**Have an image you'd like to have printed? Please message us for custom orders!!**

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